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If you’ve ever wondered what the food was like when Belle was served in the Beast’s castle, look no farther than the Be Our Guest restaurant. The eatery is in the very back of the Magic Kingdom, right next to Gaston’s Tavern.

The first thing you’ll see as you make your way there is the peak of the famous castle where our favorite bookish heroine was imprisoned. Just below the castle’s steeple is the sign and the huge line of people–you’ll know you’re in the right place! Ever since the live-action Beauty and the Beast came out in theaters, the Be Our Guest restaurant is more popular than ever.

Fortunately, you can make reservations through the My Disney Experience app. Just be sure to do it well in advance, or you might not get a reservation at all. And even if you’re lucky enough to get a reservation, you’ll still have to wait–my friend and I waited for about an hour.

Why would we do this? Well for one, the restaurant is beautiful. The outside has a very gothic look, almost like the castle was never fully restored from the Beast’s curse. It’s well kept, but still slightly foreboding.

When you get inside (and escape the Florida heat) you see how much detail and thought was put into making it as realistic as possible. There are beautiful stained glass windows depicting how the prince’s curse came to be. On the way out, there’s one showing how he found love with Belle. Thick velvet curtains, stone statues, and a balcony in the foyer are other details that make the restaurant so much more interesting.

You’ll also see suits of armor that speak, and touchscreen monitors that let you look at the menu before you check in. Here it gets pretty boring, even with the talking suits of armor, so if you have little ones or just don’t like being bored, I’d recommend bringing games or some other form of entertainment. When you do get to the end of the line, you will find yourself in front of a wooden desk. A host or hostess will ask how many are in your party and then direct you to a monitor where you can order your food.

Now this is where the fun begins! You get to see all the amazing dishes on offer. They provide everything from simple and light to hearty and plentiful, and all look extremely delicious. You really can’t go wrong. My friend and I are poor college students, so we wanted to get something relatively cheap by Disney standards. We chose the meat and cheese platter.

There was one other thing we wanted to try: the Grey Stuff. I had heard it was an off-the-menu item that everyone should order. It gets its name from a line in the song Be Our Guest: “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious! Don’t believe us? Ask the dishes.” It’s offered either by itself or as a topping on a cupcake. We ordered the cupcake version, which was on the menu, got our receipts, and took our seats.

Once we were shown to our table, we were surprised to find an array of breakfast pastries waiting for us. These were complimentary and for the most part, delicious. Our favorite was the blueberry muffin; our least favorite was a brown muffin that tasted like a grainy bran cake.

As we munched on the treats and waited for the rest of our food to arrive, we gazed in wonder at the ballroom we were sitting in. The room was a smaller, more crowded version of the great hall in which Belle and the Beast danced. The floor was marble, the giant windows showed a marvelous night sky (computerized of course), and a balcony occupied the upper half of the room. Here, my friend told me, is where they would sometimes have Belle and the cursed Beast twirl to the orchestra music playing throughout the hall. Unfortunately, the pair did not make an appearance while we were there, but there’s always next time.

The waitress arrived with our food. Now, when we ordered the meat and cheese platter, we figured it wouldn’t have a ton of food, but just enough to keep us going. We were wrong, because that wooden board was covered in goodies! Brie, gouda, cheddar, salami, ham, thick bread, butter, jam, and grapes were just a few of the selections, with quite large meat and cheese portions. They were all delicious! We hadn’t finished the pastries, so we spread the jam on them.

We were already getting pretty full by the time we made it halfway through the platter. However, we had to save just enough room for the Grey Stuff cupcakes. The desserts had come out along with the platter, and they were extremely pretty. Each was a chocolate cake in a grey wrapper, while the actual “grey stuff” was a silvery frosting with white and charcoal sugar beads on top. The entire thing was delicious. The cupcake was moist, the topping was light and creamy, and we even liked the sugar beads (usually I think they taste like sugary moth balls).

After taking a moment to digest all of this wonderful food, we snapped a few pictures (which would eventually be accidentally erased) and rolled ourselves out the door. As the sun hit our eyes, we took one last look back at the restaurant and knew we had made a wise choice to become the castle’s guests.

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