Your Tot’s First Mickey Ear Hat

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What greater rite of Disney World passage is there than a child getting their first Mickey cap?  Let’s explore the enjoyable experience of your little one earning their very first guest ears!

We’ll start at a very special store, The Chapeau in the Magic Kingdom.  The Chapeau is described as a shop for “gentlemen’s and ladies’ hats,” and is located on Main Street USA. You can do more than just purchase hats there; you can personalize them, too.

They have a huge selection of Mickey ear hats. But be careful: not all of them can be printed upon. Make sure you ask a merchandise cast member which are which.
For your little one, you’ll most likely want to shop in the infant or youth sections.  The majority of hats are adult-sized, but there are a few classic Disney ears (usually in black, blue, or pink) that will fit your child.
Once you have selected your hat, your next step is to choose the kind of printing you want on the cap.  This is an additional charge on top of the price of the hat itself, but it is so worth it in order to really make those ears special.  It’s $3.99 for proper names only, and basic printing in your choice of three different colors; gold, black, or dark pink.
If you’re looking to get fancier, you have the additional option for $7.99 of up to two lines of text and 16 characters.  This option also includes a choice of one of two fonts (“script” and “fun”) as well as more color options: light pink, white, purple, red, light blue, and dark blue.  We recommend springing for the premium embroidery option since it’s only $4 more. The quality and options of the embroidery are excellent.
After making your embroidery selection, the ear hat is placed on the machinery here.
And within a few minutes, you have something like this to take with you on all your favorite rides!
Enjoy your ears!
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