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A few distinct flashes of imagery cross your mind when you think of Magic Kingdom: families clustered together, sunscreen filling up your nose, melted Mickey bars, and strollers, strollers, strollers – everywhere.  Sometimes, after all the thrill-riding and bustling from one end of the park to the other, you (and no doubt your family and friends) need somewhere to just…chill.

Often times, restaurants or long waiting-lines can be the answer – but needed rest-stops don’t always coincide well with these.  Here’s a look at the nooks and crannies of Magic Kingdom – and why you’ll enjoy them just as much as every other offering the Kingdom has within its gates.

1. At the Corner of Main Street USA

Main Street might be the greatest introduction to a theme park in existence.  There’s nothing like it elsewhere, and nowhere else has quite kept the charisma and charm of early 1900s America the way this one strip of road has.

But aside from all the Mickey balloons, horse carriages, and colorful window displays, just a few strides up from Tony’s Restaurant, there’s a dip in the road by Uptown Jewelers.  It doesn’t lead to any popular restaurant or any type of show, but instead to a few solitary tables and chairs, next to a made-up food cart.  You might as well have stepped into Epcot’s France Pavilion – the area is so quaint and quiet, you can watch with ease as the massive crowds go by towards the Castle.  Eat some ice cream from the nearby parlor, or go through your gifts from the Emporium.  It’s up to you how you spend your few moments of absolute relaxation.

Tangled Restrooms2

2. Tangled Restrooms, anyone?

Many like to snicker that Rapunzel’s tower has been limited to an area for bathrooms, but the lovely lantern-lit place can also truly be a rest-room of sorts.  Catty-cornered next to Peter Pan’s ride and It’s A Small World, Tangled’s space is designed for relaxation.  Nearby, there are even tree stumps for sitting that provide plugs to charge your electronic devices.  Using the closed-in seats, along with the open area beneath the lanterns, parents can catch up on plans or even just check their phones while the kids (or the kids at heart) frolic by the “town center.”

A recommendation?  Take the time to chill here closer to the end of the day – the floating lights are truly breathtaking, and you’ll be staring at them, wondering if you too are the Lost Princess.

Splash Mountain, Childzy English Wikipedia

3. Floating Along Splash Mountain

Now, the wait for this ride alone can of course provide some needed relief – like many other waiting-lines.  But that still requires standing for the most part!  If you can wait that out, then Splash Mountain itself give you your time back.  The ride is smooth and slow – with minor dips along the way.  The singing animals and rocking boat are a nice change from the rides that are constantly whipping the guest this way and that.

For a good while, you can simply nap – just be sure to wake up for the grand finale.  Right before the major plunge happens, the view of the Kingdom from the top is a treat, and continues long after you’re truly splashed.

4. Hub Grass Always Wins

There’s a reason the phrase “Hub Grass & Chill” is so iconic and just relatable.  The infamous grassy knolls are smack dab in the middle of well, everything – but have the privilege of feeling like a miniature picnic park.  Roll out a blanket, bring the frothy Disney Starbs, and eat a sugary churro – the hub grass is there for you.

Not only is eating and relaxing an option here, but it’s a great place to filter your newest Instagram, take cute selfies, and even just plain ol’ people-watch.  At the hub grass, you’re near everything – but conveniently on the sidelines at the same time.  It’s the chill place for everyone in your group, and is definitely one to check out.

Do you agree – are these the chillest spots in Magic Kingdom or do you have even more you’ve found while trying to catch a break from the heat in the most magical place on earth?

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