Most Overrated and Underrated Ride in Each WDW Park

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Some rides in Disney World seem to get a little too much attention, while others receive not enough attention. In this article, we break down the most overrated and underrated rides in each WDW park. 

Magic Kingdom

Overrated: Space Mountain. Space Mountain is a perfectly fine roller coaster in and of itself, but it is a rough ride that can beat you up. Throw in the fact that a far superior version of it exists in Disneyland, and you have a ride that may not be worth the hour-plus wait it usually demands. 

Space Mountain

Underrated: Tomorrowland Transit Authority. The Peoplemover is a Disney mainstay. There’s nothing fancy about it, it’s just a fun and enjoyable ride that allows park goers to relax and catch a glimpse of the hustle and bustle of Tomorrowland. The fact that the line for the ride rarely exceeds 10 minutes is just the cherry on top. 

The Peoplemover


Overrated: Test Track. Test Track is an extremely fun ride, it offers the fastest experience one can get at Walt Disney World and allows guests to design their very own car. So why is it listed as overrated? The answer can best be explained in the old sports adage, “The best ability is availability”. Test Track regularly experiences break downs and is relatively unreliable to plan your park day around. 

Test Track

Underrated: Living with the Land. Living with the Land is similar in many ways to the Peoplemover. It’s a slow moving, simple ride with little wait. However, this ride is a hidden gem, as it truly represents what EPCOT is all about: education and entertainment. The ability to learn about different farming methods in a dynamic environment makes it worth visiting every trip for us. 

Living with the Land

Hollywood Studios

Overrated: Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. This ride is certainly entertaining, but compared to the masterpiece that is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, it pales a bit in comparison. It’s definitely worth experiencing for its uniqueness and interactiveness, but isn’t necessarily worth the two hour long waits it can regularly demand. 

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Underrated: Toy Story Midway Mania. This was once the hottest attraction in Hollywood Studios. Now, it’s considered a second-tier fastpass. However, this works to its advantage in this article, as it still offers an extremely entertaining ride that is a little bit different every time you ride. The queue is also one of the best in all of Disney World. Throw in shorter waits due to the availability of newer rides in Hollywood Studios, and you have yourself an underrated attraction. 

Toy Story Midway Mania

Animal Kingdom

Overrated: Na’vi River Journey. This ride suffers from expectation by association. People assume that since the ride is in the themed land as Avatar: Flight of Passage that it will also be a groundbreaking top tier attraction. However, Na’vi River Journey is in actuality a middle of the road dark ride. 

Na’vi River Journey

Underrated: Kilimanjaro Safari. This ride gives guests perhaps one of the coolest experiences in all of Walt Disney World. Nothing beats being able to be up close with some of your favorite animals in their natural habitat. While Flight of Passage and Expedition Everest may be the show stoppers in this park, this ride is absolutely worth riding every time. 

Kilimanjaro Safari

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