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In Disney World, Alice in Wonderland fans can have a taste of the whimsical underground world while spinning on the Mad Tea Party ride, or perhaps while enjoying a delightful treat at the Cheshire Cat Cafe.

But personally, as someone enamored with all things Alice, I would love to see more of the movie in the park. Perhaps an entire full-service restaurant dedicated to the story? Anything with food involved is my kind of attraction! But, sadly, that’s probably not going to happen in Orlando. The Disneyland parks in Tokyo and Paris have much more to offer Alice fans, but my college student-budget doesn’t have room for such a far-flung trip.

All hope is not lost, however, because something wonderful is happening just down the road from the Magic Kingdom!

I discovered it last week when I visited the Town Center of the lovely Disney-designed residential community of Celebration. I  was strolling through the shops when I suddenly noticed a window sign in a store across the street. I spotted the silhouette of a rabbit; around it I read “Wonderland Cookie Dough Co.” I could not contain my excitement.

An entire eatery dedicated to edible cookie dough and Alice in Wonderland? I’d say it’s a Disney foodie’s dream! The place is adorably decorated and will give you a taste of the magic, no park admission required.

The store concept mirrors that of the wildly popular DO Cookie Dough Confections shop in NYC, where raw cookie dough is scooped and served like ice cream. Wonderland Cookie Dough Co. is the first shop of its kind in the Orlando area, making its impending opening all the more exciting.  Owners Angela and Derek offer their dough, which is egg-less and made with heat-treated flour, in cups or waffle cones. The current flavors are chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, red velvet, Celebration, mint chocolate chip, peanut butter and fluff, sugar cookie, cinnamon roll, S’mores, strawberries and cream, crispy sugar chip, and oatmeal chocolate chip. The menu also includes a Cookie Dough shake, for those who prefer to sip their sweets. And because some may think it’s a crime to enjoy cookies without milk, there is also milk, among other beverages, on the menu.

Treat prices range from $4 to $10, and gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan flavors are available. The catch? This Disney dessert lover’s dreamland isn’t open yet, and no amount of Drink Me bottles or Eat Me cookies can get you through the door. But you can follow @wonderlandcookiedough on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know when you can get your fix.

If you’re currently planning a party, wedding, reunion, or any event that could use a unique touch, consider inviting Wonderland Cookie Dough to be your dessert caterer. (I know it’s definitely going on the list in my wedding planning binder!)

If you just want to casually stop by for dessert, remember, the theme parks are just TEN minutes away from the Celebration shopping district. So it’s easy to make your next Disney vacation the ultimate getaway by topping off a day of magic with a sweet scoop (or two…or three…).

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