Chew with Chewie at Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

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Star Wars Launch Bay at Hollywood Studios

Storm Trooper sugar cookies?  PB and Chocolate Darth Vader mini cupcakes? Galactic pannacotta?  Yes, please!  Where do we sign up?  Well … right here!

As Disney begins its transformation of Hollywood Studios into a Star Wars lover’s dream, we had a little taste of what’s to come at their Star Wars Launch Bay. For less than $80 per adult, we were able to get our chew (and drink) on with Chewbacca.  And chew we did indeed, with a variety of very scrumptious all-you-care-to-eat sweet and savory treats available. But first, we had to check in.

Dessert Party Check-In

Oh, and it was important to get an official pass on an official lanyard so the patrolling Storm Troopers would know we belonged there.

Galactic Dessert Party Pass

Inside the Launch Bay, tables are set up with displays of both savory and sweet foods.  The selection is extensive; we recommend starting with the savory to avoid a sweet stomach later. On the menu is warm pita bread, roasted red pepper hummus, black bean dip with Sriracha sauce, tomato and cheese skewers, olive and cheese skewers, and both watermelon and grape skewers.  The olive and cheese skewers and the roasted red pepper hummus were our personal favorites.

Savory Appetizers

Of course we needed something to wash down all that cheesy hummus-y goodness. Luckily, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are on hand. In addition to good-old ice water, we saw watermelon lemonade and Jettison Juice (Passion/Orange/Guava (POG) juice with mango syrup), all lit up.  A variety of canned sodas are also provided.

Non-Alcoholic Dessert Party Drinks

Alcoholic options include three cocktails, a couple of beers, and a few wines.  Since this was all-you-care-to-drink, we made sure to get our money’s worth. There was a short line each time we went up for drinks, but it was worth it to be able to try them all.  Galactic Punch came out as the winner here for us!

Adult Drink Options

And now for the moment we’ve been waiting for…the desserts!  Appetizer-d and liquor-d up, we made our way to the three dessert tables.  Two of these stations were manned, while the third was buffet-style. Let’s start with the buffet, and let’s talk sugar cookies.  Do not overlook the sugar cookies. At first glance, they seem like the most boring thing on the table, but there is a HUGE difference between store-bought cookies and these. While not warm to the touch, they taste fresh-baked.  After tasting one, we went back for five more.  They are SO good. But there’s more–tiny sweet cups of blue pannacotta, little lemon BB-8 cupcakes, and a trio of bite-sized treats: Citrus Financiers, Pistachio Morella Cherry Bites, and Mini Chocolate Cakes.  One of each was enough.

A Table of Galactic Star Wars Desserts

As we made our way down the table, we encountered vanilla R2-D2 and chocolate peanut butter Darth Vader mini cupcakes. Regardless of which side of the force each is on, they are both A-okay with me.  Oh, and there are also some don’t-miss crispy rice treats covered in chocolate.  Check out my second plate…more sugar cookies included, obvs.

A Plate Of Dessert Party Treats

From our self-guided tour of the middle dessert table, we had two choices as to where to go next.  To our right, we saw what looked like smoke billowing from a bowl; to our left, there’s a huge circular pan of…something. Smoke wins; we made a right. Greeted by a team of food preparers, we asked, “What’s going on?” They explained it’s Nutella mousse, dropped into a bucket of liquid nitrogen, instantly frozen, cracked open with a mallet, and covered with a choice of raspberry (with edible glitter in it) or chocolate sauces. We chose both. Double yum.

Frozen Nutella Mousse

And don’t forget about the third station.  Awaiting there is a platter of red velvet brownies and a giant pan of…wait for it…candy, pretzel, and marshmallow-topped warm bread pudding!  With ALL the fixins’, too: vanilla bean sauce, fresh berries, vanilla bean ice cream, and whipped cream.  We, again, chose all of them. Quadruple yum.

Candy-Coated Bread Pudding

Before long, we were stuffed to capacity with Star Wars-esque desserts. No matter how much we wanted to keep eating, we just couldn’t fit anything else. What is there to do?
How about meet some of the Star Wars personalities?  Chewbacca and Kylo Ren were the characters we encountered. Kylo Ren was terrifying.

Kylo Ren

Disney rounded out the night by allowing us time to peruse the Star Wars displays, watch a short movie, and interact with the Storm Troopers.  One of the cutest things we saw all night were two Storm Troopers escorting a little boy with a pacifier dressed up as Yoda as the three walked into the building.  The little boy’s father was filming the whole thing from close behind, and we could tell this was a Disney dream coming true for them.

Completely. Adorable.

Storm Troopers Escorting Little Yoda

And as if the night wasn’t awesome enough already, we had priority fireworks viewing to look forward to as well.  As they handed us a souvenir TIE fighter popcorn bucket, and we followed our Storm Trooper to the impending light show in the sky, we couldn’t help but feel really fortunate to have been able to experience such a fun, themed night.  This is a must-do for Star Wars fans and dessert fans alike.  Even our adult drinks got into it.

Adults Playing with Adult Drinks – Lightsaber Straws


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