Beverly: The Surprise Is in the Sip

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If you’re thirsty and thrifty, Club Cool is the stop for you within Epcot’s Future World.  It’s like a mini World of Coke within Disney, where you can sample as much as you want of the eight flavors available to you. And it’s completely free!

The selection at Club Cool in Epcot’s Future World

On a hot Florida day, this little location is a godsend if you’re not into getting your face close to a water fountain but also don’t want to spend money on drinks.  So consider this short public service announcement for the benefit of your tastebuds. While most of the flavors offered at Club Cool are unique, thirst-quenching, and sugary-rush-lishious, there is one you should beware of: the Beverly.

As Club Cool puts it, “Beverly, with its bitter flavor, is a popular non-alcoholic aperitif that is a traditional part of Italian refreshment culture.”  “Bitter” is a gentle and polite way to describe the flavor of Beverly.  Many unexpecting guests are caught in the predicament of having to do the socially acceptable thing: swallowing the big gulp they just took of something disgusting while in a public place. You don’t want to be one of these people, and since we at Best of WDW are kind people, we offer you this PSA.

Beware of Beverly

Let’s dig a little deeper into this.  There has been an online debate for years regarding the distribution of (and popularity of) the Beverly in Italy. There seem to be no clear answers as to how much the Beverly is truly enjoyed in Italy–is it enough to earn the “popular” badge in refreshment culture? And if it’s not, this might just be a joke being played on all of us by Coca-Cola and Disney. Do they enjoy getting you to make an awkward face while trying to ingest something pretty harsh on the tongue?

Also aperitifs, in general, are typically and traditionally dry alcoholic drinks meant to stimulate the appetite. This means a couple of things:

  1. There’s an important part of this drink that’s missing (ahem, alcohol) which, if it were included, might make this experience a bit different. (Especially if portions were still unlimited!)
  2. Could this be a plot by Disney and Coca-Cola to stimulate your stomach to growl for some Mickey head-shaped soft pretzels and popcorn?

So here’s what you might want to do: enjoy Club Cool’s other offerings to hydrate for the trek to Italy in World Showcase.  Make your reservation at Tutto Italia Ristorante ahead of time and then prepare to have a lovely meal. But before you do, stimulate your appetite with a REAL aperitif by selecting from their cocktail menu; we recommend the Red Passion, Frizzante, or Carpano Punt e Mes.  It’s still going to be bitter, but at least it’s not missing alcohol, that essential ingredient common to most aperitifs. Plus you know your Calamari Fritti is on the way!

Do you remember the first time you ever tasted the Beverly? What was your reaction? Were you fooled by family and friends? Are you one of the tricksters? Do you secretly work for Coca-Cola? Tell us in the comments below.

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