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The whimsical stroll to Cinderella Castle.  The “Opening Credits” of the Magic Kingdom.  The flashback to your “grandfather’s youth.”  Main Street USA may have had its start at Disney Land, but it’s at Disney World where the lively road truly shines.

Shaped with an early 20th-century feel, Main Street’s ambiance is from a different lifetime.  The shops are reminiscent of old black-and-white movies; the signs and windows bear names you’ve only read about in novels; and the subtle bubbly tunes constantly playing make you feel as if you’ve stepped right into an musical.  But beneath its decor and vibrant exterior, there are shops and refreshments lining the many iconic storefronts.  Below, we’ve gathered some of Main Street’s greatest hits and can’t-miss-it’s for your next trip!

Town Square Theater

Located right by the park entrance next to Tony’s Restaurant, Town Square Theater is hard to miss, with its long hanging banners and its name in bright lights. Here, you can meet Tinker Bell and the main Mouse himself!  But if lines and characters meets aren’t your thing, then sit right on the front porch and relax in a creaking rocking chair.  The town square makes for a superb view; this is also a great spot to catch some of the day’s parades!

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There’s nowhere sweeter or more drool-inducing.  To walk into the Confectionery is to be hit with a waft of sugary goodness!  From hand-dipped caramel apples to rice crispy treats shaped as your favorite characters, the Confectionery has all the candy your sweet tooth deserves – and the viewing windows to watch them all being made.  If Main Street is the world’s favorite small town, then the Confectionery is the quintessential sweets shop.

Confectionery CR: SarahJ

Mickey’s Emporium

If there was any doubt or worry over where to get the best souvenir representative of your trip, look no further!  The Emporium lives up to its name.  Covering multiple storefronts, it has everything a Disney lover could dream of: plush and stuffed animals, cooking and housewares, apparel, and of course, endless Mickey ears.  It’s easy to get lost in the never-ending Disney merchandise, so it’s often best to limit the amount of time you spend here.  The whole store is easily mapped out, and if you know what you want, they are sure to have it.  It’s also best to avoid popping in at the end of a park day – unfortunately, that’s everyone else’s idea, too!

Ice Cream Parlor

End the day (or start it!) with a Mickey-eared cone from the Ice Cream Parlor.  At the end of Main Street, the parlor’s location is perfect for a quick snack when either leaving or beginning the day’s journey.  Whether you’re ordering a single scoop with the infamous chocolate Mickey ears (perfect for photo-ops) or Mickey’s Kitchen Sink, the chocolatey and sugary goodness begins and ends with all the flavors the parlor has to offer.  From raspberry sorbet to butter pecan, there is bound to be an ice cream dessert everyone will love!

Ice Cream Parlor CR: SarahJ

Mickey Eared Ice Cream for the win!

Main Street’s long and magical path has boundless goodies, secrets, and must-haves that will awe and surprise you with each visit.  Next time, be sure to drop in on its best features, and discover new places and shops you never truly tried out before.  What’s your favorite spot on the world’s best and most famous street?

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