A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise: The Ganachery at Disney Springs

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Cast members taking orders.

If you are a chocolate lover like me, then you need to add Disney’s Ganachery as a stop on your next Disney vacation. The Ganachery is a small shop located in the Landing of Disney Springs and it is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth. The word “ganache” refers to a decadent creation that consists simply of two ingredients; chocolate and cream. (I know, delicious, right?)

This little shop, like everything Disney does, has overlooked no detail. Right when you walk in the doors, the smell of chocolate envelopes your senses. It feels like you’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven! There’s an open kitchen where you can watch the cast members and chocolatiers hard at work creating magic in the form of tiny chocolate squares. The atmosphere is inviting and friendly; I took a few pictures of it so you could see for yourself:

The Ganachery does sell prepackaged goods, but the main focus is their handcrafted ganache squares, made with cocoa beans sourced from Brazil, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. The ganache squares come in 16 different flavors that were hand-chosen by the chocolatiers. While creating these flavors, the chocolatiers traveled to different countries to find the best combinations. Everything they use is taken from the best products, and it definitely shows.

A few of the flavors change with the seasons, but most of them are available year-round. Since this was my first visit, I decided to splurge and try all 16 flavors! Below is a picture of Caitlyn, the cast member who helped us (she was awesome) with our box of all 16 flavors, the largest box you can buy. There are also pictures of the packaging, which was super-cute and fancy!

I admit that I am usually not a huge fan of ganache; however, these little squares changed my mind. I could definitely tell that they were made by professionals. The squares are super rich, so you only need a few to satisfy your sweet tooth. Since not everyone can or will want to try them all, I will discuss each flavor to help you choose which ones to try. Let’s get started!

Flavor #1: Mint

The mint is a mixture of peppermint and spearmint with dark chocolate ganache. The top is designed with a stone walkway texture. I was a little disappointed in this flavor. I love mint and dark chocolate, but you need to really be a lover of dark chocolate for this one; the dark chocolate is really strong and overpowers the mint.

Flavor #2: Milk Chocolate

The milk chocolate square is one of my favorites! It is a creamy milk chocolate ganache that literally melts in your mouth. It’s wonderful! The smooth top is a perfect representation of its simple and smooth flavor.


Flavor #3: Dark Chocolate

The dark chocolate is 65% cocoa and it is the perfect amount of dark chocolate. It has just the right amount of bitterness and is super smooth. The design is a smooth top with a circle indention in the center.

Flavor #4: Raspberry

The raspberry flavor is made with a dark chocolate ganache which is infused with tart raspberries. The top is designed with a pink paint-like splatter and the inside is a light pink color. This one is definitely a must-try! The contrast of the smooth and rich dark chocolate with the tang of the raspberry is the perfect combination.

Flavor #5: Passion fruit

This flavor is made with South American passion fruit and a milk chocolate ganache. The top is designed with yellow paint splatter and a piece of dried passion fruit. This one had a strong passion fruit flavor which gave it a slight bitterness, but the milk chocolate balanced it out. I thought it was wonderful.


Flavor #6: Vanilla

The vanilla flavor is an obvious choice for something good, and it doesn’t disappoint! It is made with Madagascan vanilla beans and a dark chocolate ganache. The vanilla is more of an aroma than a taste, but it is still very strong.  The top is decorated with silver splatter and little silver rock sprinkles. I enjoyed this one even thought the dark chocolate was a little bit strong.

Flavor #7: Peanut Butter

The Peanut Butter flavor is made with roasted peanut butter and a milk chocolate ganache. This one tasted like a chocolate covered peanut! I love peanut butter so I thoroughly enjoyed this one. This one was topped with a gold stripe and a few pieces of a peanut.

Flavor # 8: Pistachio

The Pistachio flavor is made with Sicilian pistachios and a dark chocolate ganache. This one was delicious (really delicious)! It had a slight nutty aroma with a saltiness throughout the chocolate. I really enjoyed the salty and sweet flavor it had. Plus it was green on the inside, which was fun! The top is decorated with a pistachio and a green stripe.

Flavor #9: Orange

The Orange flavor is made with fresh Florida oranges and a dark chocolate ganache. The orange flavor was very prominent, adding a nice contrast to the rich dark chocolate. The top was decorated with a fancy bronze disc that was etched with what looks like a cocoa tree. This was one the fanciest design, which I though was appropriate since the flavor represents the state of Florida.

Flavor #10: Coffee

If you’re a fan of coffee, you will absolutely love this one. I know I did! It is made with Italian Espresso Roast and a milk chocolate ganache. The coffee flavor is potent but the sweet milk chocolate cuts out the bitterness of the coffee. The top is decorated with little square orange sprinkles.

Flavor #11: Egyptian Sea Salt

The Egyptian Sea Salt is made with dark chocolate ganache and salt from the Red Sea. The top is sprinkled with salt as a decoration. Surprisingly, this one, even though its main flavor is salt, wasn’t that salty. I think the only salt flavor came from the salt on top. There is a slight salt flavor when you first bite it, but then the dark chocolate takes over.

Flavor #12: Gianduja (Hazelnut)

The Hazelnut flavor is made with Italian hazelnuts and a milk chocolate ganache. The flavor was subtle but still delicious. The top is decorated with little pieces of hazelnut and a gold fleck in the center.

Flavor # 13: Caramel Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel)

The salted caramel flavor is made with creamy caramel, sea salt, and a milk chocolate ganache. I really enjoyed this flavor! It was unusual because it still had the smooth texture of the ganache, but it tasted like a chewy piece of caramel. It also contained the perfect amount of salt! It was heaven. The top of this one is decorated with salt shavings.

Flavor #14: Chipotle Pepper

The Chipotle Pepper flavor is made with a dark chocolate ganache and Mexican red pepper. The top is decorated with a chocolate square in one corner that is splattered with yellow and red spots. This flavor was interesting. Honestly, I did not like this one. It tasted like chocolate plus some kind of meaty aroma. It didn’t have any spice, which was what I had expected. My sister thoroughly enjoyed it, but I would recommend caution when choosing this one.

Flavor # 15: Coconut

The  coconut flavor is made with flakes of coconut and a dark chocolate ganache. I am a huge fan of coconut, and this was absolutely delicious. The top is decorated with a circle of coconut flakes, and the inside is white.

Flavor # 16: Lemon/Mystery

This flavor was a mystery, becauseit wasn’t listed on the information card. The cinnamon which was listed did not come in our box, so it must be a seasonal flavor. This one was decorated with a small yellow square in one of the corners. Once I tasted it, I recognized the lemon flavor. I am a sucker for lemon desserts, and this one had that perfect tartness to match the rich chocolate. It ended up being my top favorite. If they still have this flavor when you visit, GET IT!

Those are all the flavors! I hope these descriptions help you choose which flavors you want to try. Their ganache is truly fantastic, and I’m positive you’ll love it.

Make sure and leave us a comment and let us know which flavors you enjoyed, or if you got to try any other seasonal flavors.



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    Your pictures make me feel like I could pick up one of these chocolates off the screen and enjoy it and your descriptions make me really wish I could!

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    My sweet tooth is aching for these. This might be worth a trip to WDW by itself. Beautifully photographed, well-written as well. Nice work Janie!

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